BCN Fashion Lab


Why Not Fashion Lab

When creativity becomes a collective laboratory

The intensive LAB consists in 8 days of practical and development work around Fashion and his production machine.

  • Designer
  • Photographers
  • Stylists
  • Models
  • Makeup Artists
  • Video Makers
  • Press
  • Web-Management
  • Bloggers
  • Audio Designers


are the skills that today are needed to make a Brand.


Are you a protagonist in one of these arts?

Read more and subscribe your portfolio in the apply form!

All together each of the participants will make available his know-how, sharing it with all those who need it in order to achieve a concrete result: the development of a Brand.

The eight days of the project will be a continuous brain storming evolution, where elective affinities are formed into working groups to be able to realize the Shooting first, then a guideline on the aspects of marketing that can be developed.

The partecipants will give life to what emerged from the working group itself to obtain a tangible result.
Everything will be available for a basic experimentation, to be able to analyze it in its first draft and to correct it where the group deems it necessary to evolve / improve it!
Participants are supported by a qualitative staff: Art Director organizer, and visionary shows necessary to provide new insights between visual technology and plastic body shapes.


The marketing communication part will be supported by the media marketing team, that will convey the knowledge that describes the communication strategies of a particularly young Brand.

Bloggers ………. with their interviews will stimulate the language of presentation of young designers, video makers … will address the new brand to the presentation of the collection with viral Teaser of innovative impact practical and immediate to get the first consents, assisted in this passage of the Web / management



Everything will be illustrated and conveyed in a single portal ………
registration is already open … .. for the first edition  in   ……..Barcelona


Last week of April 2018